Project “Revolt” Manifesto:

The design collective will itself be organized as a game that will also be created and cultivated by the participants. This structure under which projects will be designed, created and accounted for will henceforth be known as “Project Revolt”, or just “Revolt”.

The organization will by the nature of the people who create it be a fluid construct.  People will come and go, what is crucial is that the organization be created such that it doesn’t rely on any one individual to survive.  The organization will be created such that anyone could pick it up and carry it forward by working the system it provides. 

Project Revolt will have to have it’s own intelligence, identity and moral code built into it such that it may not be owned or controlled by any individual and by it’s nature may only be used to create projects for the benefit and entertainment of humanity.

 The system will be a meritocracy with radical transparency. Profit sharing and status will be directly informed by data tracking contributions and skills across all participants.

The project level is where all work will be done.  Project Revolt itself is one of these projects.  Revolt must be designed and maintained as the shell in which all other projects are contained.  Revolt is the toolset that we will use to plan, organize and build other projects.  Those who contribute to Revolt must be compensated themselves.  Since all other projects will use Revolt the compensation for the developers working on the Revolt pipeline will be based on the following algorithm:

Contribution points of all other projects = w
Contribution points of Revolt designers = r
Total monthly income from all projects = i

i*(r/w) = Revolt Designer’s Compensation.