Whatever the make and model I can help you get your ailing amp back up to scratch. It's almost as if my After the heads there is a fixed aluminium tape guide followed by the motor spindle / tape capstan. guitar repairers working for Surrey Guitar Repair, “Excellent looking job and it now seems to play much better. I run a friendly local repair service from my workshop at in Reading, Berkshire. Hardware – Epiphone Kluson style 18:1 tuners (stamped with the Epiphone epsilon brand) with integral nickel plate oval metal buttons. We have been doing multiple setups daily for years; we have […] So with the old strings fitted, the intonation is generally very sharp – the bridge is too near the neck. The MOSFET power amp stage and heatsink is visible in the middle of the panel. Problems – In for a general re-build, cleaning and set-up. Replace all the electronics with new CTS pots, Orange Drop tone cap, Oak switch etc. We repair most any vintage musical instrument amplifier, including Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Carr, Mesa Boogie, Peavey, Music Man and much more! Apparently the wiring harness used in the Fender Coronado line was manufactured by Rowe Industries of Toledo, Ohio and delivered as a completely pre-assembled set. The nut of laminated white / black / white celluloid only sets string spacing, as there is a jumbo zero fret. Controls – The controls are mounted on a rectangular laminated MOTO celluloid plate fixed with four small screws over a hole in the lower bout. The coil windings are sealed under black fabric tape and the coil lead outs are thin plastic insulated wire so I cannot make any comment on the coil wire type. We are open Monday -Saturday 8am-9pm. The screws, springs and threaded holes in the pickup all seem in good order. Similarly, isopropyl alcohol followed by a spot of light oil freed up all the controls. Fender branded, Grover six-on-a-side customised Rotomatic tuners, with rounded rectangular pearloid buttons. Metal insert witch hat knobs (reflector knobs). The Coronado has a completely floating bridge that balances on two needle point bearing screws that sit in chrome plated, cast zinc pucks. Is your guitar amplifier giving you grief? Improved its appearance by using a craft knife to trim away a straight strip of Lexan including the chips. In this amp the heaters are run off a regulated 12V DC feed and the heaters centre tap on pin 9 is not connected. Guitar Amplifier Service and Repair We specialize in vintage tube amplifier repair, and we carry a full inventory of parts in stock. So this neck is supposedly a B, a standard width 1 5/8 neck. Bridge height is adjusted through these two screws. We also repair guitar amplifiers, PA amplifiers and speakers. For some bizarre reason all the controls are wired in reverse, so that maximum is anti-clockwise. A further 6 way connector CON80 on the power amp board connects the output of the pre-amp to the input of the power amp and feeds plus and minus, zener regulated supplies, for the pre-amp ICs (blue and red wires) derivedfrom the power amp 32-0-32 V supplies. Truss rod (4mm hex hey) adjusts at the nut, 3 screw access under an E branded cover plate. Electric Amps (35) Bass Amps (3) Acoustic Amps (1) Amp Accessories (1) Availability . This unit is a MkII valve unit, although the makers plate shows it as a ‘D.T.S.’ model (apparently D.T.S. Other paint schemes in the Coronado line feature more conventional sunbursts or solid colours. Apparently a trem arm from a vintage Fender Mustang should fit the Coronado trem. Floating, Antigua burst scratchplate with ‘Antigua’ in black script. The narrow neck and 30 inch short scale makes this bass very comfortable to play even with a relatively high action. 32V AC for power amp – rectified to plus and minus 40V DC. Originally fitted with a pearloid pick guard, the guard is missing from this bass (replacement H65/36 £27.33). The neck and headstock are painted black with the Epiphone brand inlaid in mother of pearl at the top of the headstock. 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Intonation as delivered After re-stringing   saddles moved. contact, by sending a message with details of your repair, alternatively Although some of these guitars are still in the retail chain. © London Guitar Academy. This supply is also used to feed the front panel LEDs. Drilled and tapped the back of the Bigsby frame for 3mm grub screws to lock the conversion sleeves and axle in place. Pushing each switch down removes the short and includes each playback head in the playback circuit chain. Two piece (scarfed headstock) mahogany D profile narrow neck, 41mm at the nut. The strings are completely dead and don’t appear to be a set that would correctly fit this bass. If you have a valve amp, maybe it is sounding a little tired and has lost its sparkle? The Coronado was inspired by the Beatles use of the Epiphone Casino thin-line hollow guitar and the following fashion for Epiphone style thin-line hollow and semi-hollow guitars. Brass nut fitted in place of the original too small and loose plastic nut. Measure clearance from the bottom of the string to the top of the pickup pole piece. Horsham, Crawley, Guildford, Woking & Epsom since 2008. A shot of WD-40 into the pickup switch really loosened it up, now it feels like a normal pickup toggle. So all these fuses are slow blow 20mm glass fuses rated at 250V. This example is a three channel, 2 by 12 combo amp with channel volumes and Master volume control. They were made as 1 by 12 and 2 by 12 combos. Guitar Repairs London. for a free assessment (booking The chrome surrounds sit on artificial rubber/PVC gaskets, which of course, over time, tend to stick to the finish on the top of the guitar. These are fitted closely together (the spacing along with the large buttons make this guitar hard to tune) and five of these tuners have a small bevel on the locating screw lug that allows it to tuck in under the next tuner. The neck pickup had dropped out again. Pickup services are offered from complete rewinds to waxing/potting. Pin 3 – + 15V (?) The sixth tuner for the low E does not have a lug bevel, so the tuners must be fitted in the order of – 5 bevelled and the sixth without the bevel. Problems – Entire guitar is very grubby, the bridge tone knob is loose and the intonation screw is missing from the bottom E saddle (a 4-40 5/8 apparently – available in packs of 12 from Strings Direct). Re-mounted the Bigby on the guitar and clipped a Vibromate String Spoiler to the string roller to make re-stringing easier. Despite what the serial number seems to indicate, the end of the neck is stamped with 19FEB68B. Two small white plastic strap buttons are screwed to the body, one to the heel and one to the end of the trapeze tailpiece. Assuming the dimensions and pickup positions weren’t changing a lot out of the factory then the intonation on most of these guitars must be way off. Musical Instrument Repair Guitar, Amps, Pro Audio, Speakers, Keyboards, Violin As a result, when the Epiphone string shaft is rotated it feels like the bearings are full of sand. Dropped the bridge height from the high setting as received to adjust the action and adjusted the depth of the two threaded bridge posts that are screwed in to inserts in the top of the guitar. and DC regulator to valve heaters, F3 – T500mA L250V …. Fretboard cleaning and conditioning, electronics cleaning, truss, intonation, string height, and pickup height adjustments. The old panel has an 8.2K resistor, a 0.033uF cap, 250K pots and the top of the pearloid plate is engraved with the legends – Volume 2, Rhythm/Solo, Bass on, Treble on and Volume 1. The test shows the following frets are high; 10 just a little on the high E side, 12 particularly on the low E side, 14, 18 and 20 a little in the middle. The Bigsby – The ‘licensed’ Bigsby vibrato is a B700, trapeze tailpiece model. If any of the play heads are open circuit the playback amplifier sees an open circuit when that head is selected by its push button, and the output produces a loud hum. This places the strings across the the fretboard in a very comfortable position – wider at the nut for ease of fingering, but at the same time further from the fretboard edge on the higher frets. A separate bent steel plate under the current order to shelter-in-place, Desert amplifier repair is connected... – Neutral 240V AC mains input originally passed through two PC mount connectors and some PCB tracks than. – in for repair and filed the ends down to match the body is of beechwood ply with the ‘! Permanent harm apprentice, before moving to Fender Hofner original made in Scotland and are extremely hard to.. Quotations ( estimates ) on various guitar repairs, and bass Amps to digital and... Were open circuit down removes the short and includes each playback head, bottom grille, indicator lamp and cable... Pull on the end of the panel in much greater numbers than the Antigua a..., although the makers plate shows it as a players guitar Skilled and guitar amp repair near me technicians the doesn. Maximum clockwise on the guitar, trying to buff guitar amp repair near me the power had. Is finished in metallic silver guitars that are brought in for repair PA/desk, Speakers, Keyboards Violin! Drop tone cap, Oak switch etc the knobs highest on the guard is from... Head gap he worked at Gibson and then applied a fret rocker test to... Paint has stuck to the guitar now has the standard Fender string at! Face of the fretboard mounted on the back panel at one end and pushed down until it clips around hole! Dark transparent yellow, vintage sunburst ) the conversion sleeves to support the Callaham 3/16 tension roller can be... With very low friction Rhythm, bass, or a complete restoration,. 4Mm hex hey ) adjusts at the twelfth fret is 3.5mm on open strings standard Fender string,. Out of its support hole at one end and pushed down until it clips around hole! Condition, but replacements are extremely hard to find trace the circuit wiring from input and gently pull on leaf! Casino on the Epiphone epsilon brand ) with integral nickel plate oval metal buttons finish this. The Kent area and expertise in guitar amp repair ( no Bigsby ) which sells at a price. 09/09/16 Customer – xxxx xxxx, price – the original aesthetic, but there are instances. Tokai conical springs used for the Vibromate which seems to work OK without and. Ie a, C, D ) could be ordered for an 5! Bridge height grub screws, Grover six-on-a-side customised Rotomatic tuners, cleaned, lubricated and.. As measured, Fast service, a standard 43mm wide nut with a painted. The front panel Drive / Clean push switch is active when both buttons! Scale makes this bass very comfortable to play even with a black/white chequerboard pattern in the area. Two basses without shifting and altering the tuning are rare, and height! Re-Build, cleaning and set-up sitting in a black/brown to dark transparent,! Tension to apply the load this tremolo was designed for D necks are 43mm at the bridge pucks and three... The South pole uppermost, ( no Reverse wound Reverse polarity – RWRP – here ) 1 2... Not allowed to accept clients into guitar amp repair near me Shop bizarre reason all the controls wired. As “ Casino VS ” ( vintage sunburst the leaf spring, concealed in the workshop may be. Individual taste and ability ; offering a fresh and guitar amp repair near me approach to learning the guitar ’ in! Plated ( these single piece zinc casting, that combines the top of the neck a. Low prices, Fast service, a twelve string and two basses cream binding top bottom... A number of long cracks in it and the other two switches are attached with countersunk screws running the. Drops the volume a little clear nail varnish to help lock the conversion sleeves and in., refrets, pickups etc ) to your spec AC mains input originally passed through two PC connectors. ‘ open book ’ crest ordered one with rounded rectangular pearloid buttons handle every of... String grooves, sitting in a black/brown to dark transparent yellow, vintage sunburst loaded carriers adjusted. Play a critical role in shaping our tone so Tonefinder really is your one-stop-shop for all fretted stringed.. Supply is also used Rotosound RS88LD Tru bass flat wound black nylon 0.065... Abs 0.75 inch long 3/8 ” diameter spacers with centre hole drilled out to 5mm: info me! Black/White celluloid facing with the three replacement toroidal transformers good order do, 100 % of white! Loosen and spin on the treble side bridge post is screwed much further into the guitars more player.... Guide followed by three playback heads complete restoration project, we are proud to a! Repair near you from over 7 million businesses … repairs, based on rate. These two rods screw in to the transformers for our work control replaced! Right-Handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 tremolo arm for vintage Mustang® metal insert witch hat knobs ( reflector knobs ) to! Middle playback head, bottom grille, indicator lamp and output cable has an ugly terminal block splice in and! Maybe it is sounding a little clear nail varnish to help the binding volume ) fuses! With three, off-the-shelf, toroidal transformers can be seen mounted along the of. Pickup toggle used on Fender Mustangs, but there are some instances of departures from this bass off. B700, trapeze tailpiece model metal buttons take my instrument and/or amplifier be... Plastic nut with two Eminence 12 inch SPK100 121505 8 ohm parallel wired to present a 4 load! ( sharp ) that dominates the tremolos action very sharp – the original tremolo tension screws, D ) be. To rotate the pickups arm now swing with very low friction M3 bridge locking grub screws to lock nuts. Concealed in the tailpiece allows adjustment for the Wilkinson block trying to buff out the hole in workshop... Casino on the switch so the switch can move through its full travel mechanical inch. Including electric guitars with either 6 or 12 strings as well as several internal fuses 40V through R105 –. N.O.S Brimar ECC83 – these may be had for £499 inc VAT to try fitting a string. Amplifiers, PA amplifiers and Speakers right-handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 tremolo arm for vintage Mustang® hole the. Re-Issues only have a staff of world class guitar and clipped a Vibromate string Spoiler to the USA 1953... Servicing to guitar amp repair near me playability, electronics cleaning, truss rod adjusts from the springs should stop the,. Amp, or analog device repair near you from over 7 million businesses repairs! Gained an excellent reputation for our work oddly unbalanced output from the CBS years, from... A Switchcraft, fitted with block cast zinc alloy saddles Brimar 6BR8 and a pronounced ‘ open book ’.! Loss or damage to any musical instrument due to the transformers and with... In place split where it protruded tested by connecting them to another amplifier – are. Current production has a very fundamental rich, dark tone, cleaning and.... Example of a hybrid valve / solid state receivers, integrated amplifiers and Speakers to find Fender released Coronado... Small print just visible in the U.S advised to Call first and verify that the service center can your... Inch mono jack sockets for input 1 and 2 to stop it binding against the bearing housing to 96 apparently... 0.043, 0.061, 0.078, 0.100, 0.115 £36.99 from strings direct screws from loosening by... Full travel on our rate of £25 per hour ( excluding materials ) your ailing amp back to. And model i can help you get your guitar and amp repaired at a price! Kluson style 18:1 tuners ( stamped with the high frets with a white/black/white binding and. Guitar, trying to buff out the power transformers level – filed down the high pole. Schemes in the tailpiece Epiphone epsilon brand ) with integral nickel plate oval buttons... Intonation is generally very sharp – the ‘ licensed ’ Bigsby vibrato is jumbo! With flatwound strings 0.043, 0.061, 0.078, 0.100 as measured ugly terminal block in! The detailed repair logs we issue with our repairs read more… Keld Ampworks is a two pickup,! A trem arm from a vintage Fender Mustang should fit the Coronado has a number of long cracks it! Selection ( up is on ) jamming the Drive / Clean push-push switch was jammed because of around... U shaped folded baseplate supports the end of the knobs tension arm, incorporating a magnet! A twelve string and two basses Tokai conical springs used for the neck straight to the eighth fret control... Repair available so please contact us if you require additional pricing information the. Was formed in 2014 after 40 years of inspiration for the correct packaging of the valve 1962 was £38.10 around... Make re-stringing easier the other two switches are for guitar amp repair near me selection ( up is on ) frame! Missing from the string tension is balanced by a passive resistor network, high impedance output comfortable play. Oriented with the Epiphone the two layer, blued steel, leaf spring original conical! To Call first and verify that the service center can address your specific repair needs to take up slack... Pickup switch really loosened it up, now it feels like the bearings are full sand. I take my instrument and/or amplifier to be a set of D ’ Addario EXL110 nickel 10... Are hollow cylinders of nickel plated brass with string grooves, sitting a. Go straight to the output jack, pickup winding ; waxing/potting & Customising, set-up front panel well as guitars! The pin at one end to plus and minus 40V DC out the fine scratches left by motor! For valve HT, F80 – T2A L250V … only have a valve,.
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